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Open All Dayfrom 11am to 09:00pm

The Royal Inn Hotel Invites you to contact us to plan your next event! We are committed to providing the most memorable experience. We have one of the finest conference facilities, with state of the art technology and ample free parking and free WIFI. Our service staffs are highly accommodating and We do all the work for you and will satisfy every single whim! Our attention to detail is second to none.

Besides conferences and meetings, we also celebrate your other special day or celebration at The Royal Inn Hotel, Mysore. Whether it is for two persons or a small party with the capacity of 50 to 100 members, we take special care parties like birthday, engagement, valentine’s day or new year party. Royal Inn Restaurant’s combination of upscale hospitality and culinary wow makes your special event truly special.

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Open all day from
11:00 am to 09:00 pm


Call Us: 0821 2415153